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Hidden Garage Door Safety Hazards To Watch Out For

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Hidden Garage Door Safety Hazards To Watch Out For

Garage Door Safety Hazards To Watch Out For | Garage Door Repair Duluth, GA

All homeowners want to ensure their garage doors are free from hazards and safe to use. This concern naturally gets stronger when there are children at the property. The best way to keep your door hazard-free is through regular professional inspections and maintenance upkeep – however, accidents are not always caused by following doors or snapped springs.

Read on for our basic safety advice when it comes to protecting your family from a potentially dangerous door system.

Watch The Fingers

This can happen to adults and children alike, if your door has stopped automatically closing, you should be careful not to put your hands on the edge of the door to pull it open or closed. It's much safer to install a handle in the event you need to open your door manually if there isn't one in place already. We also recommend you generally keep young kids away from the door when it's in motion, you never know when there is a dangerous malfunction waiting to surprise you.

Watch Out For Sharp Panel Edges

It's possible for panels to either break or come loose following knocks and dents – you should inspect your door for any sharp edges, especially if you have a window or glass panels installed. Panel edges can be surprisingly sharp which is why you should never touch or attempt to replace them yourself, especially with naked hands.

Pay Attention To The Small Parts

It's important to give attention to the small parts that make up your system – like screws, bolts, brackets and other components of similar size. Just simply checking everything is properly screwed in and adjusted could save you a lot of trouble later by preventing the risk of major parts working themselves loose and causing an accident.

Remote Controls, Definitely Not Toys

It goes without saying that remote controls, which many children see as the perfect toy, must be kept in places that can't be reached by young people. Similarly, you should ensure that the wall switch cannot be reached by small, curious individuals!

As we've mentioned, the best way to minimize the threats posed by your garage door is to book an annual safety and maintenance check with our professionals – just contact us at Garage Door Repair Duluth to arrange an appointment!


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