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Suggestions About Garage Door

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Suggestions About Garage Door

Excellent advice and maintenance tips from our garage door repair specialists – we believe in delivering smart suggestions for small problems. Scroll down to browse this useful advice section!

Apply complete weather stripping to the garage door

We always recommend weather stripping for your garage door to protect it from the damaging effects of water, dust and dirt. Our specialists recommend that you apply weather strips to the sides, the bottom and the top part of the door.  If you're in need of assistance, we are available to help you with this.

Always invest in extra batteries

An automatic garage door will, at some point, need extra batteries at the most inconvenient time possible. To prevent Murphy’s Law from kicking in, our experts at Garage Door Repair Duluth suggest you always keep an extra set of batteries in stock, just in case you need to change them.

When do garage doors need re-painting or re-coating?

Check the condition of your door panels during garage door maintenance and if you see that the old paint starts to peel off or that there is rust, this is probably a good sign that re-application is needed. As a guideline, we recommend a new layer once a year.

Insulate your garage door

If your garage door is properly insulated, you'll be wasting less energy and providing added safety and security to the contents within your garage by adding another layer of protection against the elements. Poor insulation can dramatically drive up your electricity bills if your home is losing heat or cold air through your garage door - that's why we recommend you check its condition regularly.

Repaint your wooden door at least once a year

In order to maintain the beauty and glamour of your wooden garage door, we highly recommend you get it repainted at least once a year. This will help to protect it from rotting and from the effect of the elements and harsh weather.


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